Our story

We are a young but striving company with a passion for Mexican dishes. The company aims to share this passion with the Dutch population and give back to the Mexican one.

The company will import original, handcrafted tortilla presses from Mexico and sell them in the Netherlands. These tortilla presses will be handcrafted by the indigenous people in Mexico. made in morelia also wants to keep the aesthetic of the kitchen in mind, which is why we decided to make the tortilla presses out of wood. A recipe book to go with the press will be made by the owners themselves, with ingredients that can be found in the supermarkets in the Netherlands. In addition, clips of how you make the recipes will be made by the owners as well through which the customers can have a better understanding of how to make the recipes.

For us, profit does not mean money, it means giving it to people who need it most. Therefore, our goal is to give the indigenous people of Mexico the live they deserve.